Questions and Answers

Is the date listed for a painting or Kit Series always correct?

In short, no. Many PBNs, especially popular ones, were reprinted many times in different Kit Series, in different years, sometimes even with different sizes or colors.  We have done our best to only add information to paintings that is correct for all of their printings and manifestations. However, sometimes we slip up and a date is attributed to a painting that is only correct for one particular printing.

If you think the date is incorrect, check the Kit Series' that the painting is in. Often one of these will have the correct date and information. If you cannot figure it out or wish to let us know about an inaccuracy, feel free to e-mail us.

Additionally, the dates we are using are based on printed matter, boxes and unpainted PBNs. Sometimes, even with these manufacturer issued, primary sources, there is disagreement about dates. Sometimes a PBN will be Copyrighted in one year, but not published in a Kit Series or Catalog until the next year. The vast majority of these disagreements occur with PBNs issued before the mid-60's and different sources are seldom more than a year off from one another.