Karen's Favorites

Klint's "The Kiss"

This is Klimt's "The Kiss". One of my favorites as it uses gold and silver paint just like Klimt does in all his paintings. It's one of the most requested paintings that I've painted.

"Music By Candlelight" by PaintWorks

"Music By Candlelight" by PaintWorks. I painted this one with the intention of selling it on Ebay, but it was so detailed and soothing, I couldn't bring myself to sell it. It's hanging in my foyer still.

Painting of a girl with flowers

This was a kit made by PaintWorks and I can't remember the name of it. It's 16 X 20. It just looks so photographic and real, it's been one of my favorites over the years. The picture I saved is called "blooms" so that may be a word in the title of this kit.