PBN, Painting: These terms are used interchangeably and simply refer to a paint by number painting.

Kit: A Kit is the box that a painting or set of paintings was packaged in. Also included in the kit were the paints, brushes, and any other included items, such as a frame or easel. We have a large selection of original kits and kit contents on the site. They can be accessed via the search if you click on the "Search the Kits" link.

Catalog: Catalogs are the catalogs printed by PBN manufacturers, often found in a Kit, showcasing their product line. You can view scans of original catalogs through the search. Just click on "Search the Catalogs".

Catalog Number: This is the number assigned to a painting or set of paintings by the manufacturer for organizational and ordering purposes. It is used in catalogs and on kits.

Kit Series: A collection of Kits released in a series, such as Deluxe 601-12. The kits within a series, with few exceptions, all have the same design, series name, and contents. Some popular paintings, or sets of paintings, were released multiple times in several different Kit Series.

PBN Museum Ref#: This is the number that we have assigned to PBNs in the collection, like an accession number in a museum. They have no meaning and are used only for organizational purposes. If you visit a painting and wish to make a return visit, the easiest way is to use its Reference #.